Vista Charging Case just not working
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Left earbud volume is extremely low
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Vista - Left Bud Stopped working
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Brand New Vista Earbuds-Left Bud Total Failure(as far as I can tell)
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jaybird Vista will not charge
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Right earbud won't charge - Case won't hard reset
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Jaybird vista case wont charge headphones or enter pairing mode.
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Right earbud sound quality decreases when left earbud is in the case
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Requesting Jaybird Vista (left) bud replacement
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Right Earbud Crackling While Running.
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Green light on vista case won’t turnoff
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Left ear stopped working on my V
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Sound Quality Noticeably Drops When Only Using One Earbud
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Vistas don't have small size eargels?
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Jaybird Vista through the washing machine
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Vista right earbud disconnect / low volume
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Vista charging contacts clogged with earwax (won't charge). How can I clean them?
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Left earbud has a low volume
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one of my Jaybird Vistas is quieter than the other
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Jaybird Vista stopped working and I can't contact support
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Jaybird vistas
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Low Volume
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Vista's LED not blinking + single bud replacement out of stock
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Vista Equalizer Apple Watch
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Audio Latency Issue with Jaybird Vista?
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Vista broken & wont pair or reset
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First left now both Vista earbuds not pairing
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Right Ear bud about 50% lower volume than left
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