Jaybird X4 Left ear not working
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Jaybird X4 Left Earbud Not Working
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X4 battery drain
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My Jaybird X4's are fully charged but won't turn on...
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JayBird X4 (Green light when charging, won't power on)
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Jaybird X4 stopped working
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X4 Not responding, green light stays on charging
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Do the X4 turn off automatically?
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Fluid within x4 cable
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Joke of a company
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X4 Battery Problems
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x4 green light issue
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Right side of ear buds not working
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Stopped Charging/Turning on
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Jaybird X4 red light on and unable to turn off to reset
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My jaybird x4 wont turn on or charge
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My right ear bud keeps cutting out and now it won’t work at all
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Jaybird X4 stuck on red light.
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Jaybird x4 ear not working
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X4 Headphones Won't Turn On
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Jaybird X4 battery drain. Discharged itself when switch off
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x4 wont turn on
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can you shower with the jaybird x4 without any damage
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Jaybird X4 green light stays on
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Jaybird X4
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Green Light Does Not Shut Off
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New X4 Unresponsive
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I would like to know if I should wait to get the x5s or just get the x4s.
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X4 headphones
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