X3 wire is breaking off from control module


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  • William Cobb

    Mine is too, but I don't think there's anything to do about it, buy a new set of headphones.


    Unfortunately I can't come away and say the X3s were designed well, nor do I put much faith in the later ones because they keep some of the same issues, the wire coming out of the control module like you said is just the latest. I've also had issues with the charging clip not setting and being very finicky because of the exposed contact corroding. And the bluetooth is by far the most finicky bluetooth set up I've ever had.

    The move to the charging clip was a terrible move for the consumer, it probably made their marketing teams really happy to have slightly smaller earbuds but overall the X2 was a much better set of headphones. I suspect the X4s and the other ones without a usb charger will have similar issues in the future.


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