X4 battery drain



  • Iger

    I have the exact same issue, support doesn't want to send replacement due to the fact i live out of the US. What a piece of junk Jaybird's products. Shame!

  • Yoon Fei

    I would like to suggest a solution. My X4 had the same issue. So I kept it in the drawer and didn't use it. Recently I took it out after 5-6 months & charge it. To my surprise, it is working fine. So pls stop charging & keep it in dry place for weeks to 1) fully drain the battery charge & 2) dry out all the moisture. Then charge for 1st time with low amp charger. Hopefully it will work!

  • Muhammad Halim Salleh

    I have the same issue. Just used for two month. Then had a problem like this..


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