Requesting Jaybird Vista (left) bud replacement



  • mib dang

    How much are you willing to spend on your new earbuds? I'm also from Australia. I recommend these:

    The Galaxy Buds Plus. They are the one of the BEST true wireless earphones around.


  • Matt Parker

    @mib dang

    I’m going to continue pursuing to get my hands on a singular replacement bud.
    But if no success within the near future, I will look more in depth into these. I’ve heard good things about Jabra too!

  • Chris Newman

    Matt - i got a right bud replaced under warranty and shipped to NZ - they don't ship here either, but i had it sent to a facility our NZ Post Service operates in Portland which provides the receiver with a USA street address, zip code, phone # etc. They then  shipped it to NZ. Do Australia Post have something similar or some third party option?

  • Tom Russell

    Hi Matt,
    One of my earbuds recently shat itself. I called ‭1800 025 544‬ and spoke a person who organised my replacement Vista earbuds under warranty, extremely QUICKLY. Give that Logitech number a call to get the RA process started and they’ll sort you out :D


    EDIT: I live in Brisbane, Australia.


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