Vista right earbud disconnect / low volume



  • Michaela James

    Hi Skyler!

    I am having the exact same problem with the right ear bud and have done the same as you into trying to fix it. Have they responded to you at all? I’ve tried their chat feature it’s never available, they don’t respond to their social media, and if they do answer their phones you sit on hold for 30+ minutes and nobody comes back - I’m trying to find an email to try to claim warranty but I can’t find one. My head phones are only a couple months old and don’t even last 30 minutes before the right ear bud doesn’t play sound. Horrible earbuds and horrible customer service :(

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  • Rich Foord

    Exact same issue with mine, right ear bud stopped working. Followed the reset process as defined on the jaybird website...they stopped connecting at all.

    Less than a month old and faulty.

    Be persistent with customer support. I was and got a refund and sent them back. Won’t buy jaybirds again as quality control is poor IMO

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  • Marcus Hopwood

    I’ve been experiencing the same problem for some time. It’s always the right earbud, which often doesn’t connect at all when first removed from the charging case. Sometimes putting it back in and removing helps, sometimes disconnecting and reconnecting works. Sometimes I’ve found that increasing the volume using the right ear bud will make it connect - but that also sometimes leads to the volume mismatch. It’s really frustrating, because apart from this issue they’re the best earbuds I’ve found for running!

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  • Andrew Wray

    I have literally used mine about 6 times and have now got this problem. Did you get any response? Is the a Telephone number to call in the UK to talk to someone about this? - I do not really want to get a refund as I think these are really great, but I can feel a 0 star review on Amazon coming up if this is not sorted ASAP.

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  • Marcus Hopwood

    I got some troubleshooting advice from the support team that I've included below.  I followed it all and still have the problem.  Next steps I think would be to replace them, and at the moment the inconvenience of fiddling with them to get the right bud working is less than the inconvenience of being without them for a couple of weeks.

    Really does feel like this is a firmware issue, so hoping that it will be resolved in future update.


    Troubleshooting Steps:

    Make sure you've completed How To Connect a Replacement Earbud? and How Do I Update My Jaybird Vista Earbuds? prior to these steps, also remove the eargels out of the buds.

    1. Remove the left earbud from the case.

    2. Wait at least 10 seconds

    3. Remove the right earbud from the case.

    4. Open the app.

    5. Wait 30s-1min to see if you are prompted with a new firmware update.

    6. If yes, complete the update with both buds remaining out of the case.

    7. If no, we will repeat the inverse of the steps above as detailed below:

    8. Remove the right earbud from the case.

    9. Wait at least 10 seconds

    10. Remove the left earbud from the case.

    11. Open the app.

    12. Wait 30s-1min to see if you are prompted with a new firmware update.

    13. If yes, complete the update with both buds remaining out of the case.

    14. If no, complete the alternative workaround in the second set of troubleshooting steps.

    Alternate Troubleshooting Steps:

    1. Remove both earbuds from your case and connect them to your phone.

    2. Open the Jaybird app and confirm that at least one earbud is showing connected to the app.

    3. Go to the Headphones page.

    4. Select Voice Prompts.

    5. Make sure Voice Prompts and Tones has the checkmark next to it and press Change Language.

    6. Select a different language then the one currently selected. Press Update in the upper right hand corner.

      • NOTE: Make sure that both earbuds are out of the case during this process.

    7. You will hear both earbuds turn off and back on once the update is complete.

    8. Place both earbuds in the charging case and close it.

    9. Reopen the case, remove one earbud, and place it in your ear. Confirm that the voice prompt is in new language.

    10. Place the earbud back in the case. Remove the other earbud and repeat the previous step.

    11. If one earbud still has the old voice prompt, repeat Steps 1-8 with that Earbud Only.

    Once both earbuds have the same Voice Prompt, please see if your issue is resolved. You may need to perform the Hard Reset steps from How Do I Reset My Jaybird Vista Earbuds?

    Once everything is working, please follow the steps above to change your Voice Prompt back to your preferred settings.

    Try the instruction below:
    a. Go to your phone’s Bluetooth settings and in the Paired Devices list and unpair the buds. The steps for doing this may differ depending on your device. For example, Settings > Connections > Bluetooth > Tap the gear icon > tap Forget device.
    b. Turn Bluetooth on your phone OFF and then ON briefly.
    c. Please reset the buds.
    d. Please try reconnecting the buds using the steps in the link below:
    Link 3

    If the issue persists even after trying above steps then kindly provide the below details:
    1. Serial number on the Jaybird app the buds were connected to. The serial number will be under the charging case as well. The serial number starts with 'S/N' and ends with 8.
    2. Correct proof of purchase/order invoice with the order date, price and product name on it. Please make sure it is in JPG or PDF format only.

    3. Please note that the buds are designed to be used only on a smartphone. Thus please confirm if you are facing issue with the right bud even on your smartphone.


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  • Andrew Wray

    Thanks for that. That actually worked for me. I will continue to use them, but if it does it again, I will get a refund.

    The customer support here seems very poor. I actually got better support from Amazon.

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