Vista right earbud low volume



  • Ricardo Espinheira

    Hi Craig, I have the same issue here but on the left bud. I have mine for a couple of months and I'm very disappointing now.
    Jaybird support team only replies copy and past mensagens from FAQ.
    There are others complaining from this same problem in another forum without a solution from Jaybird.

  • Skyler Sommer

    Same story with my pair, and no response from support. 

  • Brian Humphreys


  • Elena Cusack

    I have this problem too.

  • Laine Būmeistere

    I started having this problem out of nowhere too. Mine is for the left bud. Updated the firmware but nothing.

  • Kraig R

    Mine did the same for the left ear bud. It has gotten progressively worse and now there is no music but a few clicks/white noise in the left bud. It is still connected though because I can pause music using the button. Mine are less than a year old. 

  • Eric JI

    Hi Craig . Exactly the same issue what i got. I have no idea what the problem is . I hope jaybird will sort out this issue

  • Dave6992

    Just posting to say add me to the very long list of people stuck with only one usable earbud. Milne are 14 months old and although the left is working, its so quiet the it might as well be completely  broken.

    Not sure i want to buy another (3rd) pair, but i do like them and love the fit.

  • DJ Whitman

    I just started having the same problem in my right earbud out of nowhere the volume is almost mute. I’ve had my vista earbuds for about a year now and this is very disappointing that there seems to be no fix, I’ve also downloaded the newest version on the app, rebooted the earbuds, and still nothing.


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