Jaybird X4 battery drain. Discharged itself when switch off



  • Iain Bellamy

    I have exactly the same problem. It’s like they aren’t really turning off. I can charge mine fully not use then 2 days later they are totally dead. Only had them 5 months. Worked fine for the first 3 months then this.

  • Richard Perry

    Hi there, I have exactly the same issue.  Logged a call with support and waiting for the response.  Started with a constant red light.  Patched firmware then the battery discharge error as per this thread.  Also my amber charging light doesnt lightup any longer.  The unit has probably failed fully.  Item is less than 6 months old.  Real shame as great product until this fault.

  • Iain Bellamy

    Mine has now totally failed won’t charge at all or respond to any button presses. Shocking for something only 5 months old that cost over £100

  • gabsmbastos

    Same problem here. The lights won't turn on anymore. After turning the buds off, the battery keeps draining as if it's turned on. Can't keep a charge more then a day.

  • srpont

    This was driving me insane, too -- and my X4's are out of warranty.  So, I figured that I can either throw them out or try to perform a little surgery...so, surgery it is.

    1) I pried open the controller, slowly, with my fingernail.  Started at one end by holding the wire and prying the button side upwards.  It took a little bit of pressure, but shockingly, it actually popped up.  I then slowly removed the top fully.  Be aware, there are several small and delicate plastic tabs that hold the thing closed.

    2) I confirmed that there was no visible debris and that the buttons all depressed on the circuit board without any issues.

    3) I sprayed a few good streams of CRC QD Contact Cleaner (https://www.crcindustries.com/products/qd-174-contact-cleaner-11-wt-oz-02130.html) all over the circuit board.  I gave it a second, wiped it off and confirmed that pressing the buttons directly on the circuit board did turn the earbuds on/off and activate the other functions.  All seemed well.

    4) Popped the controller back together and no more red light!  I just did this, so I don't know for certain that the power drain is gone, but I think it's a sure bet that maybe some sweat got in there and salt/oxidation was creating some issues.

    I'm hoping this will work for everyone in the same boat!  I am just going to assume that I may have to do this again in a few months...maybe a poorly designed circuit in there that allows some kind of short.


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