Issues with sound intermittently being produced whilst connected to PC



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    Hello ChrisChoi9386 and Javier,

    Thank you for reaching out. I'll be happy to help you with this one.

    Kindly confirm if you're using a Bluetooth receiver/dongle or just the Surface Pro's built-in Bluetooth. Also, I'd like you to isolate the issue with a different device or a device with a different OS. 

    Feel free to reach back to us by replying to this post or contacting our other support channels at

    Warm Regards,
    Jaybird Customer Experience

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  • Javier Penaloza

    I've been having this issue on my Surface as well. I don't experience it when I use my phone. 

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  • ChrisChoi9386

    Must be the same issue with Javier, on my phone my sound is fine but when connected to the built-in bluetooth from the SP6 the sound is weird. Random noises when listening to things. Almost makes these unusable with my computer which is unfortunate as I was planning to use them whilst studying. Just an FYI this issue didn't exist when I used my X3s on the SP6.

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  • Javier Penaloza

    I'm using my Surface's built-in Bluetooth. I have yet to test it with my desktop at home which also has built-in bluetooth. I use an iPhone and I don't hear the issue at all. To me, it sounds like the headphones are either crackling and going out of sync with each other intermittently.  

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