Find My Earbuds wildly inaccurate/unupdated



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    Hello Sean G,

    Thank you for joining the community and for posting your query.

    You can use the Jaybird app to help locate your earbuds. Find My Buds will show the last location that your earbuds were connected to your phone. Your phone determines location accuracy.

    NOTE: Find My Buds requires location access and uses a small amount of additional phone battery.

    Feel free to reach out back to us by replying to this post or contacting our other support channels at

    Warm Regards,
    Jaybird Customer Experience

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  • Sean G

    Yeah, but... It doesn't work.  That's why I'm asking here.  what setting do i have to turn on to make it update every time I connect my phone

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  • Sean G

    You guys there?  It still isn't updating.  My left bud is "at work" and my right bud is "at home".  They're both at home the last time I used it this morning.  

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