Jaybird Vista left earbud doesn’t have sound



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    Bruce B.

    Hi Diego,

    Thank you for reaching out. I'll be happy to help you with this one.

    Please do a reset to resolve the issue of your headset:

    Before starting this process please “FORGET” or “REMOVE” your Jaybird Vista device from the Bluetooth menu on all your connected audio devices.

    1. Place both earbuds into the charging case and close the lid.

    2. Open the charging case. Press and hold the case button until the case LED starts blinking white.

    3. While the charge case LED is blinking white, press the case button twice.

    4. The LED will blink pink and you can now close the case.

    5. When you open the case, your earbuds are reset and ready to pair. Go to the Bluetooth menu on your audio device and select ‘Jaybird Vista’ to pair again.

    6. Remember to reselect your favorite preset from the Jaybird App.

    Feel free to reach back to us by replying to this post or contacting our other support channels at https://www.jaybirdsport.com/en-us/support.html

    Warm Regards,
    Jaybird Customer Experience

  • Robert BeDell

    Same issue. It's a problem with a software update post unboxing. They have yet to acknowledge the issue that I've seen. Factory resetting doesn't help. I swapped for a different pair at best buy, didn't update them on the app for 2 solid weeks with no problems. Updated them so I could change the timeout settings and had the issue within a few hours of the update.

  • Robert BeDell

    @Bruce this is a software bug! Factory reset doesn't roll back firmware! I recommend swapping them at the store and not updating them until they fix the issue. Read my post. Jaybird needs to come out with another firmware update to fix the issue.

  • Asa Fitzgerald

    I have the exact same problem .. So disappointed, purchased after reading various reviews in magazines etc . Should of just looked at the forums, seems theres a long list of complaints and issues all documenting the same thing. I have already opened a case with customer services and they have responded promptly, I do hope they sort this issue out soon as if they dont I will simply get my credit card company to issue me a refund-or working replacement and jaybird can deal with the bank. Know who's gonna win there

  • Luis Arizmendi

    Has this been solved? Bought mine back in February, and suddenly one day my right earbud started malfunctioning and full on stopped working right after. This was back in April, now today the same happened to my left earbud. I literally finished watching a video, pressed replay and it started malfunctioning and stopped working on the same way.

  • Leen Mustafa

    My earbud haven't been damaged at all
    I was literally just listening to music and suddenly my right earbud stopped working
    Whenever I press on it hard a faint sound comes back on but then completely fades out..
    Has this happened to anyone else or just me?

  • Abdul Ahmad

    Hi, mine has a similar issue with the right earbud. when I tap the right earbud, it only works for a second. now it doesn't make a sound at all. the only thing that works now is the input button. I tried the solution above but that didn't do anything, starting to think that there is a physical hardware issue.


    is it possible to send back for repairs?


    Kind Regards



  • Sean Keven

    I'm having similar issues, about a week ago my Right bud started going very quiet, whilst the Left one still works normally. If I turn the volume up full, I can still hear sound coming out of the right bud, but it's very faint. It seems this is a widespread issue, must be something to do with the latest update.

  • John Bell

    Sadly, this appears to be a widespread problem, and the support for this product is quite frankly pathetic. They have to know this is massive issue, and apparently being owned by Logitech hasn't been a good thing. I'll never again buy anything "high end" that isn't essentially throwaway from Logitech.

  • Jason Bell

    My right earbud just stopped working?? It was working this morning 7-10-2020 and I went to lunch came back and put them in and no sound out of the right bud. I've tried disconnecting and did the rest but still no sound out of the right ear. I'm very very angry.  

  • Asa Fitzgerald

    @jason Bell....... Hulk smash

  • Eric Huber

    Had my vistas for almost a year and loved them. Updated them today for the first time not thinking anything of it. Left earbud no longer works. I can pause the music and the button works, it’s connected to my phone but no sound. So disappointed to see this is an issue that hasn’t been resolved. Any advice??

  • Caio Cury

    Same problem with my left earbud. Have always been satisfied and making good comments on Jaybirds produtcts to other people, and this now its very disapointing. Please someone get in touch to help me fix it. Thanks

  • Darren Grieves

    Just had this occur to my left earbud after updating. Very faint sound now on occasion and resetting doesn't help. Was extremely happy otherwise with them until now.

  • TUCK3R

    My right earbuds literally randomly stopped working, buttons do not work, no sound and only my left earbuds work. When i take the right out out of the case it doesnt connect, yet somehow it recognises that it has full battery. I have never used these buds for rigorous activities before.

    Really upset because im a student and really short for cash right now, spent alot of money on these and had them for almost a year now. Hope there is a solution soon

  • Stuart Hembree

    Come on Jaybird, I have been using your products for years. Fix this problem or you will lose customers. 

  • Royce Greiner

    I’m experiencing the same problems as all of you. My left earbud button works for skipping, pausing and turning off/on but I cant hear any sound coming out of it. The right one works as usual ( for now ) All these companies now a days just want one thing: to separate you from your money and make a profit. I’d be surprised if any of us see a refund/ replacement.

  • Blaise Brunson

    I’m having a similar problem. Left earbud sound isn’t working. It’s just out of the blue. The left earbud has the slightest bit of sound at the highest volume level.

  • Brittany Wiley

    Same issue here with the right earbud. Suddenly stopped working in the last few hours after only 3 months of owning

  • princess balisi

    Bought my jaybird last january. Then two days ago my left bud just stopped working. Did all the reset but still not working. Finally found this forum guess im not the only one. Loved it but suddenly all this is very frustrating while reading the comments. Im sending my earbuds to bestbiy for replacement

  • Ken Stuckey

    Same issue here. I bought mine in January without the Best Buy warranty. I generally think the warranty support is a waste of money on anything other than a TV or a computer because if the standard store warranty is 30 to 60 days, then a product that works that long is likely to work, period. That philosophy has served me well until now. I bought these earbuds in January and now in October, only one of them works. I've tried pairing and unpairing, but nothing. The right one keeps saying 100 percent, so it's not a dead battery unless one battery is defective.


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