Are you planning to make smaller eartips?



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    Hi Ming Yin,

    Thank you for reaching out and for posting here in the Support Community.

    Currently, there are no plans but if we do we will make sure you are notified. Please note that the Vista's come with a size one ear tip, which does not have wings or ear fins. Please try those out.

    As a pro tip, you can also go the Jaybird App, you can find fit recommendations there.

    Feel free to reach back to us by replying to this post or contacting our other support channels at

    Warm Regards,
    Jaybird Customer Experience

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  • Chase Scherm

    This isn’t how things should work. There needs to be earbuds out there small enough for small ears. Or at least better fins and stuff. I’m a high school distance runner. Ranked top 5 in my state. Sophomore, AP student, and eldest of 4 in a 1100 sq ft house. I don’t ask for much of anything, but these, these buds are next to the Holy Grail, yet I see them starting to go down the gutter. 
    I would recommend these to every single person I know, if Jaybird tells me before my 30 days are up, that they are making some smaller or custom size fits. Otherwise these are gonna be resent and my search will go on and find some buds that aren’t as good. Love the bass. Love the case, it’s the most unique out there. Very rare to see a small rope attached. It’s very convenient, yet it sucks for me to say all this. I really wish there was a solution...

    you guys are still great

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  • Chase Scherm

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  • Chase Scherm

    If that fin was higher up, where that pencil points, if the fin started to come out of the earbuds right there, they would fit!!! ITS ONE SMALL THING, PROBLEM THE EASIEST THING TO FIX. JUST CREATE A SMALLER ONE WITH A FIN. ITS SO SIMPLE. OR MOVE THE ENTIRE FIN UP MORE. 

    Seriously, that seems so simple, I could find someone to do that, but that would be very hard. If you guys were to, even if it were to take about 3 months or so, to fracking make a smaller fin, I WOULD WAIT!! I would wait and possibly get the free custom fit for waiting or trade in the other fins for those. That would solve hundreds of humans problems. You wouldn’t want to exclude people from using these would you? Seriously guys, I’ve been wanting these for so long, got them discounted, and now I’m sorta un-impressed. Listen please, it’s *OUR* only hope for you guys to solve problems. Just like your theme logo, “Life, Fitness, and the Pursuit of Happiness” based of the the United States Declaration of Independence to show Britain why we wanted freedom. It’s the same thing here. Without your help, without your consideration and hard work, we’re Britain, and we’re gonna tax you on “Sugar” (Send back vistas) till we get what we hope for.

    And ALL the small eared people with Vistas will be way more happy and enjoyed with their buds, rathe than having to pay even more for something else like the Jabra Elite Active 75t. 


    Chase S.

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