Right earbud volume issue - Jaybird Vista



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    Bruce B.

    Hello Ali,

    Thank you for reaching out. I'll be happy to help you with this one.

    Kindly try and update the buds' firmware as this will help fix this. You can find the firmware update instructions here:


    Feel free to reach back to us by replying to this post or contacting our other support channels at https://www.jaybirdsport.com/en-us/support.html

    Warm Regards,
    Jaybird Customer Experience

  • Yohannes Belachew

    I'm experiencing the exact same issue. I'm on firmware 1.1.5 and jaybird v3.6.6 software

  • Robert BeDell

    @ Yogi Nonya I created another thread. Same here but mine is the left headphone same firmware version and app version build 417. Any luck?

  • Yohannes Belachew

    Nope, waiting to see how support will address this issue. I read another thread where they say they rectified volume imbalance with a firmware update, but this is starting to look like a hardware issue. If you're using android and have a rooted phone, look into ViPER4Android FX which lets you (among other sound improvements) dial in the left & right channel to even the volume. Thats the only temporary fix I've come across.

  • Robert BeDell

    I have a Note 9 Snapdragon so root is unavailable unfortunately although I'm familiar with the mod. The firmware article I saw referred to months ago though so I'm guessing around the original release. It makes me wonder if they fixed it and then accidentally reintroduced the bug in an update. Didn't do this on V1.1.4. wish there was a way to roll back or a factory reset would remove updates. This kinda sucks. I have until Jan 14th to return it so I'll probably give it a little longer before I swap to a different set.

  • Yohannes Belachew

    Can't remember when I made the firmware update..here's hoping they actually fix the problem as these are by far the best wireless sports iems I've owned. The responsiveness in terms of support from jaybird however leaves much to be desired! Hope it gets sorted out for you as well, mate.

  • Ali Farag

    I was contacted and I received a replacement bud but the problem wasn't solved. The left bud works normally and the new right bud either doesn't work or just makes cracking noises. I checked the app and there wasn't any firmware update (currently on Jaybird v3.6.4 Firmware v1.1.5). I don't understand what the problem is exactly since the I just received the new bud today.

  • Kevin Nohar

    I am having the same issue.

    I am on app version 3.6.6 and firmware version 1.1.5.

    I returned the new Vista's at best buy for a new set. Charged for 1 day and watch videos for 3 hours. Left side battery drainage appears to be resolved but the right earbud is draining significantly more. Problem is reversed now. Plus some crackling sound sometimes. Hmm... Jaybird are these worth almost 300 dollars. Ugh...

  • Jessica Kaur

    I’m having the same issue. First week the buds kept disconnecting after 10-20 minutes for a couple seconds. Now the one right earbud has low volume, it’s cracking, but sometimes the volume will go back to normal for a few seconds. Really weird. Love these headphones, I’m hoping the batch we got was just defected? It still disconnects here and there.

  • Jay Challangi

    I am having this same issue currently and don't know what to do. I've factory reset them multiple times and force updated them.The problem still persists. 

  • Buzzwell05 Running

    I had this issue with my right earbud. I could play sound through both earbuds but the right one would only be at 30% volume compared to the left bud. Tried all the suggested solutions in various Jaybird forums to no avail. I managed to solve this issue with my buds by following these steps -

    *Disclaimer - My Vista buds (v1.1.6) are out of warranty and therefore I am willing to try more drastic solutions to fix the problem. Follow these instructions at your own risk.

    1. Take the right (problematic) earbud out of the case and pair it with a device
    2. Play music on loop until the battery get completely drained for that bud
    3. Put on some cleaning gloves for protection
    4. Remove silicon tip and submerge speaker tip down in hydrogen peroxide (a small capful is enough).
    5. Leave for 15mins then remove from solution. Use a rag or paper towel (something you are happy to throw away afterwards) to dry and clean the bud of hydrogen peroxide.
    6. Any earwax near the speaker should have loosened/dissolved so lightly remove the wax off of the bud using the rag/towel. If wax remains either soak the bud for longer in the solution and try again or consider brushing it off with a soft brush (a toothbrush for example)
    7. Rinse and wipe the bud with fresh water to remove any remaining solution
    8. Leave the bud to completely dry.
    9. If you have wax in the silicon tips, consider using the hydrogen peroxide to clean these while you wait. Always rinse thoroughly with water afterwards.
    10. Once you are convinced the bud is completely dry, put the silicon tip back on and return the bud to the case to charge
    11. Once charged, remove and test your earbuds by playing sound from a paired device.

    This resolved the problem for me and hopefully it helps others.


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