Jaybird Vista Popping / Crackling Sounds


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  • Steven Moore

    So the third pair has arrived and low and behold the same issue (though granted the issue with my first pair was more to do with connectivity issues but I did notice it in the short time I had that pair). 

    What I've found, having seen a comment elsewhere above is the majority of EQ presets I tested cause the issue on both pairs I currently have in hand, standard factory presets "Flat" & "Timothy Olson" avoid the problem but tbh those presents are not how I like to listen to music. I found one called "Smooth" by Loud & Wired & "Hip Hop Rap (Rich & Clear)" that both sound better (more to my taste but still far from perfect for me), though the later I did hear the very occasional pop. My personal EQ pops like mad. I guess I'll just keep searching through the EQ presents or make my own like Jon suggested, I've had a play with that, just takes time to test but it should work but simply put Jaybird clearly has released a product that can't handle certain frequency's which is a shame when we spend a good £160 on a pair of buds. I'm tempted to keep one pair as they are great when not popping and the competition for sports buds isn't all that hot, I just wish I wasn't having this issue having forked out a fair amount for something that has a fault that reminds me of cheap buds you get from China :(   

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