JayBird X4 (Green light when charging, won't power on)



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    Bruce B.

    Hello Christian P, James, Edward, Leopoldo and John,

    Thanks for posting and sharing your experience.

    I'd like to ask what troubleshooting steps you have tried to resolve this issue.

    Feel free to reach back to us by replying to this post or contacting our other support channels at https://www.jaybirdsport.com/en-us/support.html

    Warm Regards,
    Jaybird Customer Experience

  • Jim VanOosten

    I seem to have the same issue.   My buds lasted about 10 months before bricking.

  • James

    Same issue for me and no response to email. Can someone at Jaybird kindly help? Frustrated no as headphones fairly new. Please respond otherwise will require full refund. 

  • Edward8394

    Same issue for me too. This is actually my second pair of X4s that have had this problem. I agree with Christian - id expect this from a pair of cheap Bluetooth headphones, but these are supposed to be the top of the line for fitness performance headphones. Frusturated.

  • Ziocarissimo

    Same here! 3rd pair of headphones and they won't work for more than a couple of weeks! This is very bad quality 

  • Jim VanOosten

    I got the troubleshooting info below from support:  Of course Step 2 doesn't worked because the buds appear bricked.  Based on other comments/responses in the forum,  over-charging (if there is a such a thing) may be the cause.    So you don't want to charge these things overnight.   And you probably want to set a timer and stop charging them after an hour or two.   Anyone know how to deplete the full charge quicker then letting them sit a month or two?

    From Support:

    To start our troubleshooting, please perform a reset:

    1. Please "Forget" or "Remove" your Jaybird device in your Bluetooth list of discovered devices in your phone or music device
    2. From an off state, press and hold the center button until the controller LED flashes red and green.
    3. Then, double press the center button to complete the hard reset.
    4. Connect charger to a power source and then connect buds to charge clip.
    5. Then remove the buds from the charger to complete the soft reset.
    6. Your buds will be automatically in pairing mode when turned back on
    7. Pair the buds to your audio device

    If you find that you are still experiencing problems after following this troubleshooting, please do not hesitate to reach back out to us and we will be happy to continue helping you.


  • John W


    I am experiencing the same issue and the solution does not work. The device does not respond to holding down the button as there is no light or sound.  I get a green light on charging but that is the only sign of life this device has since I purchased about 6 months ago.  During that time, I also noticed a decrease in battery-life too which I suspect may be the main culprit here.

    Timely direction on how to rectify the issue is appreciated.

  • Gaetan Gesret


    Exact same issue here. Bought the X4s 10 months ago.

    Green light when charging, battery fully charged (overcharged?), impossible to turn the X4s back on since today.

    Tried the above troubleshooting instructions, stuck at step #2...

    Expecting more helpful instructions from Jaybird Support staff.



  • John W


    The only sign of life is the green light when it’s on charge. Tried doing the reset while charging with no luck. Otherwise when not on charge, the headphones are not responsive. Pressing buttons do not work or prompt a light, sound.

  • Bruce Stephens

    Same problem with my X4's. They were owned for 2 weeks and lasted one week of sweaty running use before becoming unresponsive. They can be charged ok and LED will turn green but once taken off the charger cradle all I get is a dull red LED indication that eventually flattened the battery.

    I followed the advice that get's repeated ad-nauseum by "Bruce" on this forum to no avail.

    I sent a query twice via the web-form detailing all I had done including a visit to their Hong Kong service centre and after the second attempt I received a reply from 'Ameena" who kindly sent pretty much the exact same advice that 'Bruce" gives with no recognition of any of the info I had provided.

    Fortunately the shop I purchased the offending article from (Dixons in Heathrow) appears to have a very solid returns policy and have even offered to cover the cost of postage for me to return them to the UK from HK. If Ameena doesn't come back soon with something approaching a resolution (fix or replace), I'll be going for the refund from option Dixons.

    Given the number of people on these forums with the same issue, I have to conclude that these headphones are a waste of money if you need something robust and sweat resistant.

  • David R

    Yo tengo el mismo problema y ninguna solución. Al parecer no hay ningún soporte técnico y es toda una perdida de dinero esta situación.

  • John W

    We have been officially ghosted by Jaybird. I am incredibly disappointed as many of us replied to posts only to receive no response. What responses we did receive, we followed direction (I posted here in response to support's post) and then no response to our efforts.The X4 support group (not just this thread) is filled with similar issues with headphones not turning on suggestive of a systemic fault in the product.

    Faulty products happen and are sometimes beyond the control of the company; however, poor customer service is well within a company's control. Its unbelievable that Jaybird is silent despite so many complaints about the same issue. 

    I gave you a chance Jaybird and you ignored me. Jaybird's faulty products and poor customer service will no longer be purchased by myself or my network.

  • Bruce Stephens

    A follow up to my earlier post.

    Jaybird customer service concluded that my X4's were not salvageable after failing after 1 week of use. Since they were purchased in the UK they could only be returned to a UK service centre for replacement - not helpful to me since I live in Hong Kong. Important for any purchaser to bear in mind that Jaybird does not offer an international warranty.

    Since they failed so quickly, I have been able to fall back on the warranty offered by the retailer and have sent them back for what should be a full refund.

    I have expressed my dissatisfaction with the product quality to Jaybird and pointed out I would be looking for something more reliable to replace them. They rather unhelpfully suggested I consider their top of the line model Jaybird Vista.

    Have been given an old pair of Jabra sport paces to try. So far so good - comfortable and good sound but battery life is not great. They do have a model called Elite Active though which boasts a 9 hour life. Will maybe look at those in light of Jaybirds failure to produce a reliable product.

  • Jim VanOosten

    I opened a ticket on the Jaybird support site - https://www.jaybirdsport.com/en-us/jaybird-support/jaybird-x4.html

    The problem was resolved to my satisfaction.

  • Jarrad DeCastro

    I have read quite a few of these posts with the same subject, so I didn't bother posting another one.  I went straight to the Jaybird support site and entered a ticket.  Someone got back to me on the same day, and I have a replacement set of x4's on the way.  I would suggest doing what Jim did and opening a ticket for a fast resolution.

  • Bruce Stephens

    I did contact Jaybird SC and the response is detailed in the post above. It is great that Jaybird were required/willing to replace your set.

    The problem for me became that I bought the headphones while transiting through Heathrow airport. There is no international warranty so Jaybird require that I return them to a UK service centre. Since I have to do that it made more sense to return them to the UK retailer for a full refund including postage which is what I've done.

    The bigger issue is that premature device failure appears to be a common problem with this device either in the form of a complete shut down or rapid loss of battery life. Not a problem that seems to get picked up during product reviews, probably because reviewers only use them for a relatively short period of time. My conclusion is that while the device looks perfect for me in principal, the reality has proven a disappointment.

  • Matt Andrews

    Thanks Jarrad for the post, I was having the same issue. Falls under the replacement warranty. New buds on the way without having to buy new ones!

  • Sara Woehle - Watters

    I have the same issue. I bought mine at Walmart.

  • Sara Woehle - Watters

    please and thank you in advance if someone could email me and give me some direction my email is sarawatters@live.com

  • Mojtaba Hosseini

    I have the same issue, but no one is answering my support ticket. shameful.

  • Kevin Kori

    Real shame! I purchased the Jaybird X4 in Malaysia on October 11, 2020, and it worked for 13 days only before experiencing the same issues as others here, X4 will not turn on and charging indicator is green when plugged in.


    Jaybird support offered some troubleshooting steps which do not work and no longer respond to the support ticket. I have now returned the headphones to the seller, and they have refused to refund. I must wait at least a month for a warranty claim.


    This is a total SCAM by Jaybird and unethical to be still selling a defect product to unsuspecting customers.


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