Earphones randomly turning on/off



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    Hi Kaospassageraren and Amit,

    Thank you for reaching out. This definitely shouldn't be happening, let me help you.

    I've sent you an email with details on how we will proceed with this one.

    The easiest way to contact us from here on will be via the email I sent, if you do not get the email, please give us a call on 866.244.3399.

    Jaybird Customer Experience

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  • Amit Rathore

    Hi Kaospassageraren
    I am facing the same issue as yours.
    The buds are playing by themselves. As soon as I turn on the buds, which is one hell of an achievement these days, they start lowering the volume till they have reached the lowest and suddenly disconnects and turns off. I checked the F.A.Q, found they might working properly again if I factory reset them again. But that's been a challenge till now as my buds dont wanna wake up. I will keep you posted here if I come up with any solution. Its not even a month when I purchased them. I hope its just an software glitch and it gets fixed soon with the coming updates.

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  • Kaospassageraren

    Thanks for writing, I haven't even thought about the possibillity of a software glitch but I'm crossing my fingers for it. As you say, I can't seem to get mine to way up either at the moment, so I can't really try anything. But thanks for the tip about factory reset, I'll try it if and when possible!

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