Left channel gone dead. Just within 1 year warranty.



  • Official comment

    Hi Dhyan,

    Thank you for reaching out. This definitely shouldn't be happening, let me help you.

    I've sent you an email with details on how we will proceed with this one.

    The easiest way to contact us from here on will be via the email I sent, if you do not get the email, please give us a call on 866.244.3399.

    Jaybird Customer Experience

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  • Lakshya Goel

    Same thing happened with mine but in my case the right channel is dead. And the sad part is I bought them on Oct 15, 2018. It is just 10 days past warranty. I have emailed them but don't know if anything can be done. Even resetting isn't doing anything.

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  • Grant

    Same here..started with the left earbud, now it cannot even be re-paired to my i-phone. Attempted re-starting, factory reset, everything. Must be a manufacturer defect as I am seeing many others with the same issue. I've reached out to support and hoping someone can get back to me while it is still under warranty. 

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