Right side of of X2's broken!


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    Bruce B.

    Hi Krishnan,

    Thank you for reaching out. I'll be happy to help you with this one.

    If you experience issues with the audio cutting in and out, or dropping out, try the following suggestions.

    -Check your buds, make sure they're clean and free of debris.

    -Move your headphones and your Bluetooth device closer -- you may be experiencing interference. While the range of most Bluetooth devices is 10 meters (33 feet), the optimal range for any Bluetooth stereo device is about 60 centimeters (2 feet) from the audio source.
    -Your bud’s Bluetooth antenna is located in the ‘inline remote’ -- try moving your audio source device closer to the side where the inline remote is located. For example, you can try moving your audio source device to your right pocket instead of your left.
    -Reset your Bluetooth connection by turning your device's Bluetooth off for one minute and then back on.

    Please observe the buds to further isolate the issue, you can connect the buds to a different device or a device with a different OS.

    Feel free to reach back to us by replying to this post or contacting our other support channels at https://www.jaybirdsport.com/en-us/support.html

    Warm Regards,
    Jaybird Customer Experience

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