Left earbud suddenly stopped working correctly



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    Bruce B.

    Hi Hooman,

    I am sorry to hear that you are experiencing a connectivity issue with your Jaybird X3's. This is not the quality we're expecting from our product.

    Please check your buds are clean and free of debris.

    Here is a list of steps for the Factory Reset that will help resolve the issue:

    1.Make sure your buds are powered off.
    2.From an off state, press and hold the power button for 8 seconds until the LEDs flash red and green.
    3.Double press the power button. The LED will flash rapidly and you should hear a double tone. Your buds have now been reset.

    You can further isolate the issue by testing using a different device or a device with a different OS and checking the voice prompts if it plays on both sides.

    Feel free to reach back to us by replying to this post or contacting our other support channels at https://www.jaybirdsport.com/en-us/support.html

    Warm Regards,
    Jaybird Customer Experience

  • Sander Tagu

    Same thing happened to me. Yesterday I was just listening to music and randomly left earbud stopped working completely. No debris, did the factory reset. No voice in the left airbud. :(

  • Antoine

    I have the same problem with my left earbud on my X3. The reset didn’t solve it, neighter to charge device. And if I switch left/right in the app, it’s still the actual left bud that doesn’t work.
    Bought them about a month ago.

    What to do?

  • Jeff Wright

    This is the same problem I am having.  I suddenly have absolutely no sound in the left ear. The reset did not resolve this problem.  I have been a big fan of these earbuds until now.  I am very disappointed.  What can fix this?

  • Fabiano Ferreira

    The same problem here, suddenly lost about 80% off power at the left, reset did not work and any other device the problem still the same, the own earbud voice is almost mute at the left side. Really bad, never more i will buy a jaybird product. really bad.

  • Antoine

    I posted that I had the exact same problem a coupe of days ago, and also I e-mailed the support about, and I got the tip to clean the sound channels with a toothpick.

    I have to say I thought it was bs, but after cleaning especially the tiny rubber piece the sound went back to normal.

    So...wax on, wax off :)


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