Background noise during phone calls on Vistas



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    Bruce B.

    Hi Joshua,

    Thank you for reaching out. I'll be happy to help you with this one.

    I listed some of the things you can try:

    -Try a different call app.
    -Check you in-call phone volume settings
    -If you’re doing something active, try pausing the activity for the duration of the call.
    -If you are in the noisy area try moving to somewhere more quiet.

    Feel free to reach back to us by replying to this post or contacting our other support channels at

    Warm Regards,
    Jaybird Customer Experience

  • Jeroen

    It’s the microphones dat kick on, you can also hear it when you activate Siri/Google Assistant. If they made a button which deliberately does this, it would be called ‘ambient aware’.

  • Rt G

    I love them also; the microphone is excellent… Very clear.
    But it does pick up background noise severely during phone calls.
    Some suggestions for the development team:

    Use one of the earbuds to cancel out the background noise…Have them both out of the case but only one in the ear. The one not in the ear (and away from the user's mouth) could subtract the background noise from the bud in the ear (which is closer to the user's mouth).

    High frequency noises are particularly bothersome… Filter them out.

    Have an customizable notch filter that just lets through the user’s voice.

    I’m sure your development team could come up with better ideas than these…

  • dreads2you

    Ok thank you for hearing us out on the ability to to rewind and skip tracks on the Vista  now please  work on how these sound during phone calls they are horrible. I've tryed atleast 4 different pairs and finally got a pair that was ok. When on  a call the other person says it sounded like they hear rubbing or just loud noise and could barely hear me. Since this last update that's broken now and the complaints about how bad it is to hear me when talking has gotten worst. Pleae pleae fix. 

  • Rafa Carrasco

    I’m having the same issue as everyone has stated. The only time anyone can hear me clearly is when I’m in a completely quiet environment, which negates the purpose mobility if I have to stop what I’m doing and hide in a soundproof room to have a phone call conversation.

  • Stuart Hosford

    Same problem for me. These are unusable for calls where there is any background noise at all. Not recommended for anyone looking to use these for this purpose unless they can fix this. Please advise as to whether this is being addressed.

  • Dane H

    I am also having the same issue. If I need to stop what I am doing and go to a silent area, I might as well just use the phone itself. I have found One thing that tells me that it is the software. I was on a call with someone complaining about the background noise, so I decided to open the jaybird app to see if there were any options for filters ect... when the app opened I could not hear him anymore which made me call back my friend. When I did this, he told me that what ever I done had made up the sound perfect and could hear me perfectly (while the app was open). It must have turned off what ever software filters accidently. I tried this once more with the same person and had the same results. I hope this makes sense, but I really do feel that this can be resolved with a software update. Not sure if it is the same, but also when you first initiate a phone call, you can hear the change in the ear bud which ro me sonds like a filter.
    I think they should have some options for filters to turn on/off so each person can adjust to suit their situation. The hardware has the capabilities to fix this issue.

  • Henrik Sonesson

    Same problem for me. Sometimes I can't even hold a conversation when at home in my apartment. Great! So my Run XT have constant buzzing sound and my Vistas I can't even use in a phone-call. Personally never owned any brand of headphones with so much problems...

    While, Bruce should have some cudos for responding fairly quickly I'm starting to get annoyed by the copy-paste answers with trying different phone-apps etc. Most people only use the stock-phone app.

    There's got to be more in deph suggestions/answers? Could it be phone firmware interfering? Microphone optimization firmware etc? And personally if there is a problem with headphones I'd be much more happy if Jaybird went official on the forum being open about it instead och just sneaking around with useless solutions. Admitting to a problem is the first step to solving the problem.

  • Jill Jeske

    I'm having the same issue. They only time I can use the head phones is when I'm at home and it's completely quiet. I can't move around at all. If it's not completely silent the person on the other end can't hear me. The earbuds are great for listening to music/podcasts, but horrible for phone calls. Is there a fix coming?

  • GaXve

    I just bought my Jaybird Vistas and noticed this very thing. Jaybird Vista for calls = unusable. I'm debating whether I'm going to return them...

  • Joshua Dendy

    Ya GaXve I would think about returning them and looking into the Jabras. I probably won’t use Jaybird again because this is a major issue with the product that they have just brushed off saying it isn’t supposed to have a good microphone.

    I talked to customer support a couple of weeks ago and they give no solution or help or anything. I’m sure that Jabra and other companies take better care of their customers and have better products.

  • Henrik Sonesson

    I agree with Joshua. While the sound listening to music is really good I'd go for a return and get a pair of headphones with a working microphone.

    I don't know if all headphones suffer from the general lag of the sound either. It is good to keep in mind that you can't use the vistas while watching movies etc because of a delay of the audio.

    So you might as well solve that problem as well while you're at it.

  • generali3

    I'm not seeing much of a solution (yet) from Jaybird, but thought I would chip in anyway with hope that eventually they may do something about it. This issue aside I absolutely love these headphones, so fixing this problem will help out massively. 

    Only other thing to mention is that I use a voice recorder app quite often and noticed that my voice recordings are completely different when I am at home compared to when I am outside. I was outside today with precious little ambient noise around me (or so I thought). I recorded a voice memo and when I listened to it I sounded like I was in the middle of a hurricane! Weird - but I guess this is what the other person is experiencing when I am using them for phone calls. 

    Please fix this up, Jaybird. Please?

  • Brandon Shreve


    Is this even fixable with software/firmware upgrades? I have experienced the same. We are talking about me turning pages of paper sounding like a white noise machine on the other end of a call. I always thought I got less negative comments from people I called when using both buds as opposed to just one, but the suggestion mentioned above about having them both out of the cradle and powered on, but leaving one away from the user makes me think maybe my original thought about using both might not actually be better.

    Feedback would be helpful. Otherwise this is an amazing product. Thanks! - Brandon

  • Tim w

    I bought the Jay Birds Vista 2 weeks ago and as most people have commented here, they are brilliant while exercising, running etc, it is just the calls!!! Unfortunately, customer services havent even got back to me so i am sending them back. Has anyone found headphones without the Vistas issue?


  • Joshua Dendy

    Hey, I have switched to the AirPod Pro and they are totally worth the money! The active noise cancelling is incredible and the microphone sounds really great!


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