Jaybird X4 Won't Turn On



  • Bethany Rucker

    I started having the same issue today. Mine are less than a month old. I too had the same issue on my X3's as well. So very frustrating, I'm anxious to learn the fix.

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  • Anton

    I have just experienced the same problem.

    This is my 3rd pair of jaybird earphones. First pair (X3) was dead on arrival. The local retailer replaced it on the spot.

    Second replacement pair lasted about a year and without any visible damage turned off and never turned back on despite charging etc.

    So I bought a third pair of X4 earphones and 7months in it has just failed in the same manner the X3 did.

    I am beginning to think we are dealing with some either really poor QA in manufacturing or some planned obsolescence.

    I have contacted Logitech support via jaybird contact number but it keeps saying they are closed despite the message clearly stating their opening hours (of which I was calling within). I have submitted an online email support request but yet to receive a reply.

    Logitech products ( I have 8 other Logitech products all are working) seem to be much more reliable then the jaybird brand.

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  • Ramsey Van Litsenborgh

    I have the exact the same problem with my ole X3's, simply would not turn on. Luckily they were 11 months old so I took them back to the retailer and they swapped them out a set of X4's. These have been great but just yesterday they started the old red light story so will see what support says about that. Just take them back to the retailer for replacement.

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