One Side Of My JayBird X4s Stopped Working.



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    Hi Leo,

    This definitely shouldn't be happening but I appreciate you reaching out.

    Have you tried to check the buds, make sue they're clean and free of debris? Have you also checked the voice prompts if they're present on both sides?

    Can you replicate the issue with a different device or a device with a different OS?

    Feel free to reach back to us by replying to this post or contacting our other support channels at

    Warm Regards,
    Jaybird Customer Experience

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  • Leo Lyons

    Hi Bruce,

    I have tried everything that might be causing it, including using different devices and using the voice and sound settings, to no avail. They are very clean and in good shape, like I said, I have had them for less than seven months. 

    This is definitely not an isolated issue, as I am seeing many other Jaybird customers with the same issue.



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  • Tom Vaughan-Edwards

    I have exactly the same problem suddenly on the right side. My X4's are 11 months old and the right side has stopped working. It keeps cutting in and out and seems like a loose connection but i take really good care of them and there is no sign of damage or wear and tear. 

    Can we have these swapped for a working pair. Given the money that is spent on them i really didn't expect for this to happen so early on. I have seen other posts similar and so really hope that this can be sorted.





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  • Joel Hershberger

    I am having the same problem. The right side (the side with the power/volume controls) has stopped working. It will work sometimes for very short intervals, but then goes out again for hours at a time. I have Emailed Customer support about this. I am currently waiting for a reply. 

    These X4's are actually a replacement set that I got for the X3's that I bought. The X3's were replaced due to them not charging.

    I am a little disappointed that if this set gets replaced then it will be the second pair that I have had to get replaced within my 1 year warranty. Actually, I only have about 1 week left of that warranty. My last replacement went extremely smooth. I am happy that Logitech stands behind their products. 

    The reason I first bought these for so much money was that they were Logitech. I own a lot of logitech mice and have always had excellent luck with that manufacturer. I am sure that they will stand behind the warranty with the same ease that I had the first time.

    These headphones are really awesome, but they don't seem to be made to last. 2 pairs in one year? I am not looking forward to 6 months from now when the next pair stops working. That means that I will be out of luck and looking to buy another set of headphones. They won't be Logitech. I absolutely love them, but longevity is a very important factor as well.

    I have $30 headsets that are 4-5 years old that still work perfectly. They don't work as nice or have as many features, but they still work as good as the day I bought them.

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