[Feature Request] A 'Hear Through' Feature



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    Adam W

    Hi everyone!

    Thank you for the feature request. This feedback has been passed onto the Product team. 

    While we can't give away what is coming up, we are always looking at new features and this one is great.



    Jaybird Customer Experience

  • DasDoomGuy

    Yes Please add this would be an easy software update or firmware update and a great feature. I had a set of the Jabra Elite 65T (which I lost) and agree with Marcus.  I loved this feature and would make this awesome headphones even better. Thanks 

  • Tamika Green

    This is my fourth pair of Jaybirds and the worst I've ever had. I too have the same issue you are having and the right ear always falls out. I hope they can fix this problem

  • DerrickWong8447

    First of all, I did not realize Jaybird is owned by Logitech - at least, that would be my assumption as I was redirected to the Logitech log in page in order to post this comment!  XD

    I second Marcus and DasDoomGuy's feature request.  I imagine it would not be particularly difficult for what I'm sure is a brilliant team at Jaybird HQ.  I just ordered the Vistas, and I'm excited to try them out, but I might also give the JBL/UA True Flash a try as they have two technologies in that pair for allowing users to hear people talking/their environment.

    Could someone from Jaybird respond to these messages and let us know if this is something you would consider changing soon?


  • Chris Gore

    Yes - this would be an awesome addition to great buds. I’m close to returning mine for Jabra 75’s- but I do really like these Vista’s!

  • Jordan Meinata

    Created an account just to also add that I’d love this feature. A software update should be all that is needed. Would be awesome to not have to take them out to talk to people or when needing to hear critical noises around me.

  • Jon Smith

    Please add this. I would recommend these over the AirPod Pros and Jabra 65t (I own both) if this feature was added. I should add I almost got crushed by a car because I couldn’t hear it coming. No runner wants to be street meat.  

  • JamesHayden6269

    Please add a "hear through mode" in the Jaybird Vista. I need it when out on the trails!

  • DasDoomGuy

    I returned these to get other brand that features hear through. If this feature is added then I will re buy these immediately.


    Thanks so much.  

  • Sigurd Kempf

    I created an account just to comment on here; I’d buy these without hesitation if this feature was added, but I can’t live without it. So, no Vista’s for now.


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