Bluetooth connection cuts in and out



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    Bruce B.

    Hello Julia,

    Thank you for reaching out. This definitely shouldn't be happening, let me help you.

    Please advise if you made any changes/updates on the phone and if you can replicate this issue using a different device or a device with a different OS.

    Feel free to reach back to us by replying to this post or contacting our other support channels at

    Warm Regards,
    Jaybird Customer Experience

  • Jake Disraeli

    I often have the same issue.

    I don't have an iPhone 6 though, my phone is a Samsung A3 and I also use iPod Nano 7th gen.

    Sometimes when paired with the A3 I get excellent reception and range.

    Range was around 70-80 ft. at times with excellent signal and quality.

    Other times my phone can be in my pocket and the reception bounces in and out (rubber banding signal)

    The Nano 7th gen works well also but with much shorter range, I will monitor rubber banding on that as well.

    I've had the X3s a long time and in general battery life is good but the proprietary charger design is just a really bad choice for charging. The X3 charging device is extremely finicky on how the X3s sit on the pins, Sometimes takes 5 minutes or more to align the X3 perfectly so charging takes place.

    To make the X3s a much better product:

    1. The foam ear buds were terrible. During workouts with a lot of sweat, then drying the foam would glue themselves in my ear canal and rip when I removed them. They became damaged and useless within half a dozen uses.

    2. The other ear buds are fine but come loose from the X3's metal bud interface (the part of the X3 that the interchangeable rubber buds are places on) Often the rubber ear pieces are left in my ear or fall off in a gym bag - losing 1/2 of a pair of ear pieces is basically losing a set. So the design of the ear pieces needs a better solution for holding the ear pieces on the X3s.

    3. Do away with the specially designed charger. This needs to be a more robust and durable interface. Popping the X3s on and off the charger should be easy, universal (USB) and durable.

    4. The wings aren't needed. Basically by wrapping the X3's existing cable over ears keeps the ear pieces in place well enough. The fancy wing piece isn't changing anything.

    5. Bluetooth signal: I think this is out of Jaybird's control. Each device emits a different signal. I get that. Not sure how to make bluetooth signals stronger or more paired.


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