Connection Issues at the Gym



  • Fen Swann

    Hey, I have the exact same story.  I bought the Vistas a few days ago and tonight at the packed gym, they were cutting out very very often.  The frustrating thing was how close my phone was to me and they still cut out, being in my bag with me/next to me.  I reset the connection a couple times, and no change.  Sad deal.  Was hoping to retire the X3s and be free of the cord.

    Update 10.4.19

    It’s been a month and I did the hard reset as suggested by support and have noticed much better performance.  That said, I still get interference from particular people.  A guy will be on a equipment next to me and as he goes closer or further I can tell by interference.  But 20 other people’s headphones have no effect. It’s a tolerable level compared to just fully cutting out in a crowd.  I will also say I have never had that happen with my apple earbuds, but nor are they as water proof as Jaybirds.  

  • Ben Crow

    This exact thing happens to me as well. Have y'all heard from Support?

  • Lucas

    Please contact Support:

  • Jason Sproul

    I contacted support and they told me they could be defective and to return them. Bestbuy suggested power beats and they seem to work fine but since they are made for Apple I can't see how much charge they have and need to carry a lightning cord to charge them. I'm going to return them and just stick with wired until they sort out this wireless stuff.

  • Reid Connolly

    Same story. Bought Vistas on Friday and as soon as I walked into the gym - where only about 10 other people were using Bluetooth headphones - the cut out, garbled, fell out of sync with one another, and wouldn't even reconnect/pair again.

    It's a crying shame, because I love the hardware design so much, and my X3's have never let me down once as far as range, interference from other devices, etc. I had to switch back to the X3 just to finish out my workout. This leads me to wonder where, if anywhere, the Vistas are designed to function.

  • Kenton Devine

    Same issue. I've been a loyal jaybird customer for years, but I cant keep buying these earbuds I cant use. I've had 2 pairs of run XTs that would power off at 70% battery. I tried upgrading to the vista and I cant even use them in the gym because of the connection. The whole point is to be able to use them with a bunch of other people around. Rarely am I alone at the gym. I am going to have to find another  brand I guess.  So disappointed.

  • Hussain Al-Bahrani

    Spent all day looking for best wireless earbuds out there because every one i ever owned had this same lagging issue at the gym. Sometimes it gets so frustrating that i just turn them off and finish my workout listening to grunts around me. I bought the jaybird run xt after the guy at the store swore by them and said he works out 6days a week and never had an issue but as soon as i took them out of the charging case at the gym that same day they were disconnecting and same issues all over again. The pros is that they piss me off so much that I had pushed more wights than i ever have and had an exceptional workout. Buddy at the store must work out in his basement or go for runs alone. Dont do the same mistake i did. Only the bose soundsport didnt have this issue but it had other issues.


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