Jaybird X4 green light stays on



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    Bruce B.

    Hi Nicolas,

    This is definitely not an expected behavior.

    I suggest letting the buds' battery drain to get it to turn off. Once on an off state, let's do a reset as listed below:

    1.Turn your X4 earbuds off by holding the Middle Button until the LED illuminates red and then goes off.
    2.When your earbuds are powered off, press & hold the Middle Button for 5 seconds until the LED starts blinking green/red.
    3.While the LED is blinking green/red quickly double press the Middle Button. The orange LED will blink twice and you hear a ‘beep’ tone.
    4. Now your earbuds are reset and ready to pair. Go to your phone’s/music device’s Bluetooth menu and select X4 to re-pair.

    Feel free to reach back to us by replying to this post or contacting our other support channels at https://www.jaybirdsport.com/en-us/support.html

    Warm Regards,
    Jaybird Customer Experience

  • James Pekarek

    I tried following these directions and the light still will not turn off. Just as in the original message the light stays on whether the unit is on or off, and it drains the battery.

  • asamir

    Same issue. Your instructions don’t cause the the light to go orange after double pressing in paring mode (red/green flashing)

    The bids will make the power off short musical tone and disconnect from day the phone but the Green light stays on.

  • Mark Stewart

    I am having a similar issue - headphones have hardly been used. I am going round in circles with jaybird support who just tell me to try the same reset procedures - this is via twitter support and DM and through email conversations. I have seen other discussion boards where other customers have experienced the same issues. The green light will only be turned on when 'charging' now but there is no responsiveness from any of the buttons. 


    I have recently been told that because I live in Malaysia that jaybird will not consider my headphones warrantee or attempt to help me resolve the issue. This is despite the fact that Malaysia is a recognised country for the jaybird online shop. The headphones were a gift and I cannot take them back to any supplier and they seem very reluctant to help me in any further way despite this clearly being a fault with the product...

  • Janne Miettinen

    I also just had the same issue happen to my x4. I have tried out factory reset and everything but still green light stays on. Please provide assistance how in getting this issue resolved. 

    I live in Finland and I would usually send the product straight back to retailer but in this case the retailer has bankrupt due to Corona. So now I will be counting on you Jaybird and your brand on how well you are going to handle this issue as it seems it is product defect based on the other feedbacks gathered from these support pages. 

  • Mark Stewart

    Good luck with this! I spent months in contact with Jaybird and they eventually told me they would not ship to the country I am currently living in...they keep denying that is a common problem but it’s clearly is a fault with this model.

  • Janne Miettinen

    Thats so true. I feel sad that companies do not understand the customer experinence is not only the product itself and what it can do. It is also the ”not so funny” situations like this and how they are handled and processed. If company would give some effort to solve this it might have huge impact on how the customer would give praises about the company. Then if they do nothing, the effect is opposite and damage the brand. And do not get me wrong, i like the product, but clearly this is a fault in the model or does jaybird have any other insight of the matter?

  • Jason0081

    I have a similar issue. The green light stays on whenever the power is on. Obviously the headphones can still be used but the battery goes down rapidly.


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