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    Bruce B.

    Hi stimjim,

    I am sorry to hear that you are experiencing a connectivity issue with your Jaybird Tarah Pro. This is not the quality we're expecting from our product.

    Here is a list of steps for the Factory Reset that will help resolve the issue:

    Before starting this process please “FORGET” or “REMOVE” your Tarah Pro device in your Bluetooth list of discovered devices in your phone or music device.

    1. With your earbuds off, press and hold the middle button for 5 seconds until the LED flashes white and you hear the pairing prompt.

    2. Double press the middle button. The LED will flash red briefly and the earbuds will turn off. Your earbuds have now been reset.

    3. When turned back on, your earbuds will automatically be in pairing mode. You will need to pair them to your audio device again and re-select your favourite preset.

    You can further isolate the issue by testing using a different device or a device with a different OS and checking the voice prompts if it plays on both sides. I will also take note of your feedback regarding fit as well as its accessories.

    In the meantime, you can refer to the following for set-up:


    1. Put the Tarah Pro earbuds in your ears.
    2. Rotate the body of the earbuds towards your cheek until they stop and wrap the cord behind your ears.
    3. Adjust the cord using the speed cinch.


    1. Put the Tarah Pro earbuds in your ears.
    2. Rotate the body of the earbuds towards your ear lobe until they stop.
    3. Adjust the cord using speed cinch or shirt clip.

    For further instructions, you can also go here:


    Feel free to reach back to us by replying to this post or contacting our other support channels at https://www.jaybirdsport.com/en-us/support.html

    Warm Regards,
    Jaybird Customer Experience

  • Andrew Gay

    I think the bluetooth/static issues stimjim is having are related to interference from other sources - such as traffic signals.

    I have the same issue with mine around traffic signals. Swapping my phone to my right pocket (same side as earbud controls) helps but doesn't fix it completely.  Holding the phone right next to my head does.


  • stimjim

    I think you're onto something here, Andrew. I definitely feel that there's more static when I'm closer to traffic lights. After a year or so of purchasing these this issue still persists. Sorry, but I think the overall experience has definitely put me off to Jaybirds in the future

  • John Rash

    I’m having terrible problems with my Tarah Pros cutting out any time I run outside. I use an Apple Watch and don’t carry my phone when I run. I literally have to raise my left arm and put my wrist beside my right ear for the music to come back and static to stop. This didn’t happen the first few months I had my Jaybirds but now they only seem to work properly when I’m using them indoors.

  • Rigoberto Castillo

    Hi, I recently bought a pair of tarah pro and I've been experiencing the same issues (a lot of statics sound, feels as the speakers were damaged), as matters of facts it was a gift from my girlfriend, I was telling her that we might have received a defective unit, I've done twice the factory reset and didn't work!!!, Still the same issue, I think I'm going to return it! (My phone is a samsung 8+ just FYI)

  • Nash

    Sorry to hear that, Rigoberto!  Will you contact our support team via the link below? We would be happy to help you out! Check out the link below.



    Nash // Jaybird Support


  • Ahsan Arshad

    I had jaybird 3 it was really good and I have bought Two jaybird pro and both have a same issue. It’s cutting off any time I have reset it and reconnect but it still the same

  • Brandon Near

    I got my Tarah Pro's in March of 2020, my only issue is the control housing bounces off the arm of my glasses and I can hear the tapping through the music. I combat this by tucking the wire under the glasses arm to keep it from bouncing. The fit issue; try all the provided tips to find the right fit then, as already instructed, turn the buds forward until the fins are in the Fossa (I had to look that up!!). Also be sure not to cinch them too tight or the buds will click and pop in and out of the ear during movement and require constant fiddling to re-seat them. I usually just cinch enough to make sure the wires don't flop around too much is all. As for the connectivity, I NEVER have this problem, they don't drop and the reliability is 100%. Return yours if they drop, obviously there's a defect regardless of the official advice....unless I'm the odd duck that is! Paired to LG G6 and a custom built PC


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