Broken Charging Case



  • Official comment
    Bruce B.

    Hello Joseline Valadez,

    I am sorry to hear about what happened to your Jaybird Run charging case.

    I've sent you an email with details on how we will proceed with this one. Please note that we do not recommend any DIY repairs as it will void the warranty.

    The easiest way to contact us from here on will be via the email I sent, if you do not get the email, please give us a call on 866.244.3399.

    Jaybird Customer Experience

  • Adrian Daniels

    I am having the same issue recently.
    Not lost, just loose and will lay flat when trying to place the earbud into the case.
    Any chance i can get an email also??

  • Patricio Garrido Ávalos

    Hi! where can i buy the charger case?


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