Freedom 2’s won’t connect and activation voice has gotten deeper



  • Elisabeth Jarland

    The same happened to me, the deeper voice first appeared on my Freedom 2 a week ago and by now my device will not start at all... 

  • Arvid Gjerde

    Today my Jaybird freedom just stopped connecting. I have done a reset, but my Samsung S8 wont find my Jaybird. I also tried to connect to a Iphone, but it didn't find the Jaybird either. I hear the Jaybird is searching when I turn them on, but when they don't connect to my phone they turn of after some time. Any suggestions what to do? They are aprox 1,5 year old

  • Joshua Drapekin

    Same here!! I've always had an issue with them disconnecting, but this is bizarre.

  • Elizabeth Pomajzl

    I’ve also started experiencing disconnect with the low voice. I have never had an issue before. I thought it might be an iPhone update or watch update but it sounds like there is an android issue also. Elizabeth P. I have had no issues in the 1.5 years I’ve own them so pretty bummed this is happening.


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