Wont power on and the charge light is green



  • AdrianDV

    Same thing happened to me a year ago, sadly out of warranty. I haven't found a way to fix them.

    All related posts here were deleted (but still appear on google search).

    I made a post like this one myself then, got no response from jaybird/logitech and then my post was deleted.

    Never buying Jaybird again.

  • Sarah Horwitz

    This just happened to me! All of a sudden they stopped working, and I can't restart them or anything. 

  • Irfane Juhoor

    Exactly the same things happens here. After 11 months of usage. Would appreciate support or replacement, I sent an email already to the support team.

  • Brandon Lantz

    Same exact thing happened to me as described by Brian.  Used for a run yesterday, didn't get a charge me notification.  Powered off, but they would not power on today.  When they wouldn't power on, tried plugging them into charger and straight to green.  Would greatly appreciate support or replacement.

  • adam johnson

    Same thing, I bought these in December and have used them maybe 15 times, 5 of which was in the last week, now they wont even turn on.


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