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  • Bruce B.

    Hi MM707534,


    Thank you for joining the community and for posting your query. I can definitely help you with this one.


    By default, the control buttons on your Jaybird RUN XT is Play, Pause, Accept / End a call. You're correct, you can also skip tracks forward and back but not rewind or fast forward through a track.


    To control the volume, you have to open the Jaybird App and select or "Alternate Controls" so you can adjust the volume using the buttons on your earbuds.


    Please note that the button controls are different depending on the current running task on your phone (i.e. while the music is playing, when the music is paused).


    Feel free to reach back to us by replying to this post or contacting our other support channels at


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    Jaybird Customer Experience


  • MM707534

    Thank you for your reply Bruce,


    I don’t think I was particularly clear in my original post. I’ve been writing this on my phone so reviewing my post is a bit awkward, sorry.


    At present, double tapping either earbud (left pr right) will perform the same action; i.e. skip forward to the next track. My query is regarding the function possibility to allow a double tap of either earbuds to have their own independent commands; i.e. double tapping the right earbud to skip forward to the next track whilst double tapping the left earbud to skip back to the previous track.


    I hope this clears up my query and I look forward to your reply.


    kind regards




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