The connectivity to my Apple 7th Gen Nano is intermittent. I have the updated firmware. Any suggestions?



  • respa

    Hi MG77,


    Thank you for posting here in the support community. I am sorry to hear that you're having connection issues with the Jaybird RUN and Apple 7th GEN. I'll be glad to provide the reset instruction that can help to improve the connection. In the meantime, please check this FAQ on how to improve the Bluetooth connection with Jaybird RUN.



    -Hard Reset


    To hard reset your right earbud:


    1. Turn off your right earbud by pressing the right multifunction button for 3 seconds.

    2. With your right earbud off, press and hold the right multifunction button for 6 seconds until the LED flashes green.

    3. Double press the right multifunction button. The LED will flash orange and the earbud will turn off. Your earbud has now been reset.


    Feel free to post back in the event that you need further assistance.


    You can also reach us via other channels at


    Best Regards,


    Jaybird Customer Experience


  • MG77
    FYI, I’ve reposted the issue but none of this works with any finality or completeness. Still a major problem and again the question is asked are you working on a fix or is it not fixable, and if so, why does Jaybird continue to sell and market something that doesn’t work?

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