How is the connectivity on jaybird run after update?



  • respa

    Hi Vivaanrr,


    Thank you for posting here in the community. The most recent firmware update on Jaybird RUN was specifically focused on improving connectivity. We have received a large number of positive comments from our users about the improvements and also invite the community here to give some feedback. We love hearing from our fans!


    Feel free to post back in the event that you need further assistance.


    You can also reach us via other channels at


    Best Regards,


    Jaybird Customer Experience


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  • Sarlic

    I bought my Runs a month ago and immediately installed the Firmware update. I can't comment on specific improvements, but I can tell you that the issues are not fully resolved. I still have significant stuttering issues, as well as connectivity issues between the left and right buds. It's frustrating that a product as expensive as these was not thoroughly tested before launch; I've tried the Buds connected to my phone, placed my phone in my breast pocket in my shirt or jacket, and still have issues. Likewise, I've experienced stuttering/connection issues when the Buds are connected to my Apple Watch.


    The issues occur when I'm merely walking looking straight ahead, but frequently if I turn my head to look up or left or right, the connection stutters.


    I've tried factory resetting per the FAQ/support documentation several times, and as mentioned I'm running the new firmware. This is a very frustrating problem, and as a customer who's been using Jaybird's products since the Blue Bud X, it's disappointing to see the quality to have fallen so far. (I had significant problems with the X3 stuttering as well, and absolutely no updates or support documentation was released to address that issue either.)


    I hope a future firmware update is in the works to further tweak these connection issues with the Runs. Until those issues are resolved, I cannot in good conscience recommend that anyone purchase the Runs. Outstanding concept, and when they work, great sound, but the stuttering and connection issues are just a deal breaker. Very disappointed.

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  • Max527

    I suffer no drops or problems indoors. Outdoors is another thing. Inside the gym or in less urban areas they work great. Outdoors or downtown surrounded by buildings seems to interfere with the left bud. Other than that it's been good.

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  • 22han

    Very disappointing product. Just bought it today with latest firmware & dropouts is super unbearable! Especially on the left earbud! Super frustrated!

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