Why does my microphone on the jaybird RUN not working properly on whatsapp calls?



  • respa

    Hi Adriii_xn.09.27,


    Thank you for posting here in the support community. I am sorry to hear that the microphone of your Jaybird RUN is not working when using whatsapp voice calls. Let me provide some troubleshooting steps on how to resolve this.


    -Make sure to double check the setting of your whatsapp if the app is detecting your wireless headset.


    -Perform factory reset


    To hard reset your right earbud:


    -Turn off your right earbud by pressing the right multifunction button for 3 seconds.

    -With your right earbud off, press and hold the right multifunction button for 6 seconds until the LED flashes green.

    -Double press the right multifunction button. The LED will flash orange and the earbud will turn off. Your earbud has now been reset.


    Feel free to post back in the event that you need further assistance.


    Best Regards,


    Jaybird Customer Experience

    #PowerYourPassion, #RunLikeYouStoleIt

  • Max527
    I just tested it on my note 8. Works perfectly for me. Right bud only. But that's normal
  • shin loveorhate

    I also had a similar problem, Then I used YoWhatsApp TechBigs. And all issues are fixed, furthermore this app has more features than official WhatsApp.


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