when are you going to fix this jaybird?


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  • millerk1981

    I thought it was just me. I tried several times. I have the white earbuds. I contacted tech support via telephone and tried troubleshooting with their staff. After another failed attempt I was told to exchange the unit at Best Buy due to a possible defective device. I did as I was instructed and got another set of Runs which has the exact same issue as the 1st. They can't open the device. I hope Jaybird fix this by the 30th otherwise I'm returning to Bose and getting the SoundSports Free. I don't understand why Jaybird didn't do the update through their app considering most people downloaded it for sound. I would love to love the headphones because the sound is great except when the bluetooth cuts in and out. Another frustration is the fact that you can only skip forward in tracks.


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