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    Hi MH84,


    Thank you for posting here in support community. Audio lag is common when watching video via a 3rd party app like YouTube or Facebook for any Bluetooth earbud. We also know that, because RUN syncs left and right audio there will be a delay.


    We are aware there will be an audio delay when watching video with Jaybird RUN. For example, when watching you tube video's there will be a lag that is noticeable when watching someones lips in the video. We will assist as much as we can but it is a limitation of the device and the technology.


    Sorry to hear about the audio delay. Please try resetting your Jaybird RUNs to fix this issue.


    Factory Reset


    To soft reset your right earbud:


    1.Place your right earbud into the charge case and close the lid.

    2.Open the charge case and remove your earbud.


    To hard reset your right earbud:


    1.Turn off your right earbud by pressing the right multifunction button for 3 seconds.

    2.With your right earbud off, press and hold the right multifunction button for 6 seconds until the LED flashes green.

    3.Double press the right multifunction button. The LED will flash orange and the earbud will turn off. Your earbud has now been reset.


    Feel free to post back in the event that you need further assistance.


    You can also reach us via other channels at


    Best Regards,


    Jaybird Customer Experience

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  • MH84

    Hi @Romil Español? 


    Your reply sounds like an automated response from a bot, so I'll reply as such.


    You suggested I try resetting them, when I made a point in my post that I've already performed several hard resets before I posted here for help. Second, what you're suggesting is simply not true. My wife's Apple EarPods have absolutely zero delay with apps, browsers, across all platforms. My Beats bluetooth earbuds have zero lag. It's just your product. Also, it doesn't happen exclusively in apps. It happens on regular browsers on regular PCs and Mac laptops watching regular video.


    Sounds like there is no 'fix' for this issue, and I will be returning them to Best Buy tomorrow. Thanks for your time.


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