Earphones are not turning on nor charging properly



  • ldebritto

    Hey guys, just finished a run today and on the walk home, my freedoms stopped playing. Guessing this was a battery stuff, I've plugged them into the charging clip and on lights turned on.


    Then I've plugged the clip into the USB cable and then to the power outlet. Charging clip turned green, but the earphones were emitting a very pale green led. No turning on though.


    So, right now, phones are not charging nor turning on.


    I've tried the factory reset instructions found on Discussions section to no results.


    So I ask you if there's something else I could do.

  • Zneiman

    I'm having the same issue. Battery pack is fully charged, but the buds won't charge at all. Tried factory reset and everything the discussion and FAQs said to do as well.

  • daregreatly

    Same issue of nothing charging, starting to sound like an issue with the battery pack? It should not be so difficult and finding solutions should be much easier. Not what I expect from a higher end product versus average headphones.


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