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  • respa

    Hi hoist,


    Thank you for posting here in support community. On the Apple watch scenario I'd say that the left wrist worn smartwatches such as the Apple Watch have been tested. But if due to environmental influence this isn't working for some users than moving the watch to the right wrist would be recommended.


    Feel free to post back in the event that you need further assistance.


    You can also reach us via other channels at https://jaybirdsport.com/en-us/support.html#contact.5550592


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  • forrest_grumps

    Anyone playing audio from a smart wristwatch, especially outdoors, will have connectivity issues. Jogging/running may have better connectivity since your arms will be raised for the movements. However, if you are walking, then you will encounter connectivity issues. It may even have worst connectivity issues than those that have their audio device inside their hip pockets...unless they have short T-Rex arms.


    Jaybird continues to use bad bluetooth 4.1 modules in their 2017 devices, despite newer and better versions. The backwards suggestions that they give is to have the audio device worn with a arm band, since their earbud connectivity is ideal within 2 feet of the source. Armbands were worn when earbuds and headphones were wired and worn during exercise. It is quite sad that a company, which sells wireless audio devices, still suggest wearing an article of a older period of technology.

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  • gphr37

    actually, while it's true that on my first long run with the Run directly connected to an Apple Watch worn on my left wrist the sound cut out a couple times when I stopped running and had the watch down by my left side, I did not experience any cut out on my last long run (1h+), even though I also had to stop running a couple times.


    To be honest, this does not change anything to the fact that it remains a far spottier experience when wearing them in a more crowded environment--and I don't even live in a very large city... In that environment, I can be sure that the sound from the left ear bud will cut out at least once per walk. And that's not from an Apple Watch, that's from an iPhone 7 in my pants' right pocket.

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