Issues with notifications



  • Bruce B.

    Hello ADR83,


    Thank you for joining the community and for posting your concern.


    I've sent you an email with details on how we will proceed with this one.


    The easiest way to contact us from here on will be via the email I sent, if you do not get the email, please give us a call on 866.244.3399.



    Jaybird Customer Experience


  • MusclePupToy

    This isn't an answer for the rest of the community...what is the fix other than turning off badge icons. I also have had this issue for the last month and a half. Even uninstalling/reinstalling the app doesn't help.

  • alisterh

    I cannot remove Notifications in the Jaybird App. Tapping the Notifications bell doesn’t solve the issue . . . Can you help please? Thanks

  • JamieLeBlanc1137

    I have the exact same issue as do probably everyone who has purchased these headphones. Why is it so difficult to remove the notifications? Please reply to this for how to remove notifications and also how to disable notifications for the JayBird app. Opening the app and clicking the bell to view the notifications doesn't turn them off. You still see them on your dashboard icon. I would like to know how to disable the notifications completely as do many other users.

  • Loca74

    Is there a solution for this problem the app is showing notifications and is not going away please give the answer to remove it


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