Not able to play songs from app



  • BenWiz

    Hey Sow.

    I am from the Jaybird app team and will try to assist.

    To play music from within the Jaybird app, you will need a Spotify account.

    With a premium account you can play music directly within the Jaybird app. If you have a free Spotify account, when you press play in the Jaybird app, it will open up that playlist in the Spotify app for you.


    Assuming you already have a Spotify account, you will need to login. In the Jaybird app, go to the Music tab and tap on a playlist. You will then see the attached screen. Connect your Spotify account and you should then be ready to go.


    If this doesn't solve your issue, let me know.





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  • GavinConaghty8790

    Hi my jaybird app shows playlists that I did not make and some that I did make and some that I made don't show up??

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