Multipoint connections on tarah pro



  • Bruce B.

    Hi Ranieri,


    Thank you for joining the community and for posting your query. I can definitely help you with this one.


    Thank you for the question. Multipoint will unfortunately not be available for Tarah Pro. However, you can quickly switch between devices by selecting Tarah Pro in the Bluetooth settings of your devices.


    Feel free to reach back to us by replying to this post or contacting our other support channels at


    Warm Regards,


    Jaybird Customer Experience


  • Ranieri

    Can I ask why?

  • Ranieri

    I notice a comment just made has been deleted because he mentioned a competing brand that supports multipoint.
    I also have not forgotten about this feature which would make these headphones perfect.
    I also know that including multipoint will reduce the battery life because of the required constant Bluetooth sniffing. I think a simple caution in the app that lets people know of there reduced battery if they enable multipoint will let you keep your advertised 14hrs from being questioned.

    Obvious hardware defects like the rubber peeling from the controller is annoying.
    I have had these replaced today and if it happens again I'll be exchanging for another brand.
    I have a feeling it will happen again so I'm already researching. Lift your game. Offer support. Release new features. Build loyalty.

  • Beno Tsintsadze

    I just bought mine to replace my x4 and still no multipoint after a year. very disappointing by jaybirds I will be returning mine, unfortunately. 


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