My right ear piece stopped working, the left one works. I tried the reset recommendations online and it doesn't turn to red & green when holding down the start buttons.



  • Lucas

    return them

  • Bruce B.

    Hi TeamFreeland,


    I am sorry to hear that your Jaybird Run XT's right bud stopped working. This is not the quality we're expecting from our product.


    Please put the buds back in the charging case and charge them. This time, kindly try using a different power source/charger and/or a different USB cable. A pulsing green LED on each side means it is charging, solid green light when fully charged. It is recommended to use 5V/500mA-1A charger for 3 hours only.


    It would also help to ensure that the lid of the charging case is securely closed and the charger ports and prongs align accordingly and are free from debris. 


    Feel free to reach back to us by replying to this post or contacting our other support channels at


    Warm Regards,


    Jaybird Customer Experience


  • TeamFreeland
    Bruce: Your recommended steps have been done and the left piece audibly says that its “Fully Charged" when I listen to them. The music and incoming calls I can hear on the left ear piece but it’s the right ear piece that has stopped working completely. I have charged the pod several times and left them in the case charging over night and the red turned to green on the pod when I first initiated this step. Now the lights are all green and the right ear piece is silent. Michael Michael Freeland Realtor , The Nugent Freelant Team “”Award Winning Family Team"" Lynda Nugent Smith GRI, CRS Lesha Nugent Freeland CRS Keller Williams Realty 455-0100 <455-0100> 3197 Richland Drive Metairie , LA 70002 P: 877-409-1939 <877-409-1939> M: 504-813-3865 <504-813-3865> E: W:

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