PLEASE HELP!! My jaybird x3 is not in sync/lags audio



  • EmoneyCC

    Hung these up for good. Purchased the BeatsX a month ago. Haven't used my X3s since. Works well with Netflix and Youtube, doesn't lag, easy to charge (no need for some stupid adapter).. Jaybird needs to step up their game.

  • Farbror
    This is not cool. My X3:s have enough lag to make watching movies a pain, everything seems dubbed as lip sync is non existent. Note: Lag is on iPhone only, there is no lag on Android or Windows 10, so I assume the earbuds are ok.
  • Chad83
    I've got the same problem, I bought these to play games on and they are unusable.
  • RaulOlivas5505
    I have found the solution to the problem, you press play in control panel on the iPhone (swipe up or swipe down from top right if you have X). You cannot press play on the actual video itself. It worked for me.

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