My Jaybird X2 wont pair and is not being detected in iPhone



  • respa

    Hi AK743731,


    I am sorry to hear that your Jaybird X2 will not connect on your iPhone and here are some quick tips that you can follow to be able to connect your X2 on your iPhone.


    • Try pairing your X2 with other Bluetooth capable devices


    and simply do this, Lets try to do a factory reset this should solve this issue you’re experiencing. 


    1) Turn headphones off 

    2) Put headphones in pairing mode (hold middle button for 6-8 seconds until it says, "Searching for your Music Device") 

    3) LED will flash red and green 

    4) Hold both volume buttons down 6-8 seconds, this will reset the headphones 

    5) LED will flash orange 3 times 

    6) Delete Bluetooth profile from device 

    7) Put headphones back into pairing mode and connect them to your device. 


    Hoping this would help you out on your concern,


    Best regards,


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  • AK743731

    Hi, i did the factory reset a lot of time.

    When i finish the rest and switch it back on, i hear , "headphone ON" sound and immediately after that i hear "Searching for your music device" and nothing happens after that as it does not show on detectable devices on my iphone as well as mac.

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  • James Robin

    I’ve seen hundreds of people having this issue...and tech answer is ALWAYS the same and then the reply to tech is then again always the same...they try what tech suggests and it NEVER seems to work? Why cant we get an actual solution that works instead of the typical, obvious reply from tech being repeated over and over? We dont want your sympathy, we just want a real solution ?

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