Jaybird X4 Outdoor Connectivity Issue



  • JayUser

    I have the same issue.

    It's a shame for the company to sell a $130 product before updating their app which doesn't support the X4.

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  • crashloaded

    Also have the same issue a few weeks into owning these, i will be returning them and buying a different brand. I have a pair of sony's that never have this problem, i can walk up to 20 metres away until i get drop outs, with the X4 i can't even put the phone on the ground next to me at the gym.

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  • Ric the dog walker

    ok before we say its not the headphones..

    my bluetooth in my phone will connect to the Jabra bluetooth in my car if im 30 meters away.

    If i go out on my motorbike it connects to my SHO1 bluetooth helmet, if i go to fill up with petrol i can leave the phone in top box on the bike, and walk into the shop and pay whilst streaming music from mt phone, 20-25 meters away.

    When i connect to the jaybird x 4 i can't even listen to them without CONSTANT dropouts, when i have the phone in my jeans back pocket walking the dog!!

    done the resets, etc. these headphones are an utter joke.

    These will be comming back to you, allong with most all the others you sold i guess.

    Do you pay the reviewers NOT to mention this?

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