Problem with left earbud!



  • Madi

    Hi there, 


    Aside from trying the hard reset, we recommend that you try cleaning the ear bud as sometimes there can be build up that blocks the speaker. To do this, remove the ear tips and check for build up around the speaker. You can clean it out by inserting something small like a tooth pick.


    If this does not solve the issue, please contact our customer support at  and we will be glad to assist you further! 


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  • Asir

    Hi there! Thanks for the reply. I have already done all that- there was an answer relating to this on the FAQ section. I went through that and cleared the left earbud. I also tried resetting it and connecting it to another phone. There still isn't any sound. I have mailed your support team and its been a day doing that. I am waiting for a reply from them. Hopefully, they will resolve the issue. Thanks again !

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