"Headphones connected" message constantly



  • Madi

    Hi there!


    Sorry to hear about this issue, it sounds like you need to get the Freedoms replaced if this issue is happening on multiple devices. There is no reset available for this model so the buds will need to be replaced. You can reach our customer experience team to set up a warranty claim via live chat, phone, and email. 


    Visit our support page here:




    Thanks for being a Jaybird fan, we look forward to helping you out with this. 



    Jaybird Customer Experience



  • Kill_dano
    I'm having this issue on my X3s. I wonder if a firmware update is possible.
  • Gijo

    I purchased mine on January 2018 and I have this problem on connecting to my new laptop HP windows 10. I don't see this problem though when I connect to my Google nexus 6 phone or my samsung galaxy phone. Is there a firmware fix?


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