Where do I locate serial number of my Jaybird Freedom F5's if I don't have the box?



  • respa

    Hi Kogani,


    Thank you for posting here in support community. The serial number of Jaybird Freedom is located near on the inline controller.


    Feel free to post back in the event that you need further assistance.


    You can also reach us via other channels at https://jaybirdsport.com/en-us/support.html#contact.5550592


    Best Regards,


    Jaybird Customer Experience

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  • Kogani
    Where exactly? I still cannot find it. Could you show me a picture of it?
  • Kacollie

    I find this super frustrating too, I've been speaking with a representative and they seem to think there is a serial number, but cannot give me a photo or example of there it is exactly. My freedoms stopped working due to a battery issue and I cannot get them replaced.

  • Dwayne

    It's difficult to see but it's there. I have a white pair and the colour of the number is in white. I don't know why they didn't use black colour on the white headphones. The number is located next to the control unit a few cm down


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