Left earbud of Jay Bird Run drops connection



  • Engelbert

    Hi YogiJosh,


    I'm sorry to hear that you are experiencing connectivity issues with the left and right earbud of the Jaybird RUN. Let me help you by providing the steps on how you can re-establish and improve the connectivity of buds.


    1. Open the Bluetooth settings on your device and forget Jaybird RUN from the list of paired devices.
    2. Take both buds out of the charge case and turn them off manually by pressing the multi-function button for 3 seconds. A red LED will confirm the buds turning off.
    3. Grab your right bud and press the multi-function button for 6 seconds until the green LED starts to blink.
    4. Double press the multi-function button. The bud will reset (orange LED) and turn off (red LED).
    5. Press the multi-function button for 6 seconds until the green LED starts to blink.
    6. Single press the multi-function button (within 10 seconds), the green LED will blink faster.
    7. Now grab your left bud and press the multi-function button for 6 seconds until the green LED blinks at the same speed as the right bud.
    8. Place both buds close together until the left LED turns off confirming that the left and right are connected.
    9. You can now pair Jaybird RUN to your device again.


    Feel free to reach us back by replying to this post or contacting our other support channels at https://www.jaybirdsport.com/en-us/support.html

    Best Regards,


    Jaybird Customer Experience


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  • YogiJosh
    Thanks a lot! I'll try the procedure by today evening and let you know about the success. Regards Yogesh Joshi
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  • YogiJosh
    Dear sir/ma'am, I reset the buds following the procedure recommended by you. When I listen to the songs residing on the mobile, the buds maintain the pairing. However, when I listen to songs from a streaming app, the pairing drops. Is it because of the app-mobile compatibility issue? Or is there anything I can do? Thanks and regards Yogesh Joshi
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  • Junior0701

    I’ve tried this, but still does not work. My left earphone doesn’t have any music coming out of it.

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  • Xaviperu

    Hi.I had experienced the same problems with the left earbud going in and out.

    My solution was simple.? Before I had tried always to wear the earbuds left and right and to connect them with my smartphone xperia or my Mighty device. But once when the disconnection of the left earbud began I took it out and put it together with the right earbud for some seconds, then I wore it again on the left ear. It worked.

    Since then I never wear the earbuds before connecting them. First I take out from the box, then I switch on the bluetooth connecting device?, then I take both earbuds together and wait until the connection is ok. Just then I wear them and voilá! Never experienced the problem again.

    I don't have a technical explanation, but it just works perfectly.


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  • alihay

    same problems the left earbud dont charge. and cutt BAD PRODUCT

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