I would like to know where my order is... I've been charged but no shipment



  • respa

    Hi Stephanie6170, 


    Thank you for posting here in support community Let me look into this for you and I'll make sure that get you an answer as soon as possible.


    Feel free to post back in the event that you need further assistance.


    You can also reach us via other channels at https://www.jaybirdsport.com/en-us/support.html


    Best Regards,


    Jaybird Customer Experience

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  • Kevin7737
    Don’t believe this person I’ve been waiting days for the same answer they are liars I’ve had to report fraud to PayPal see if I can get these people in some trouble
  • Stephanie6170

    Yes, they are liars. I was told that UPS had my order so it could not be canceled but there was no tracking number (even after 3 days!!!). Someone finally canceled it after I spent 5 days trying to get answers.


    They should not accept orders if they cannot fill them... I pre-ordered these 9/14 and apparently paid in full the same day and they could not get these shipped to me or provide decent customer service, but Best Buy has these on the shelf since 9/27

  • Kevin7737
    ???? I have the EXACT same story I’ve filed fraud complaint with PayPal these people are thieves
  • breaud

    I was considering buying this earbud but now I think I will go with Bose.

  • Kevin7737
    I actually ordered some from a retailer got him $20 cheaper and had them in four days although bulls always does make a good product but if you really want to run by it elsewhere Best Buy I actually bought mine on eBay just don’t deal with Jaybird or logitech whatever you do
  • volksman

    Same story for me - see below! i am not happy!


    I ordered 2 sets of JayBird Run headphones over a month ago, i paid using PayPal and as such you took the money straight out of the PayPal account a month ago. I still have not received any product? I finally got a shipping notification yesterday for just one set of headphones - i went on chat today to ask why i was only getting half of my oder after a months wait and they informed me that my order was marked as return to sender!!! How can this be given UPS says it will be delivered tomorrow??? We have had many UPS deliveries to our address to saying they could not find the address when they have not even delivered it makes no sense - at this point i asked for a refund and Jaybird said it would take 3 weeks for a refund!! you have already had my money for a month!!


    I have asked to be called by a manager and i never get a call, i am told there is nothing that can be done.


    All in all a very poor experience and i will never buy from this company again. I am still without my money or product and still not sure what is going on as it seam are Jaybird!


    Please help! my order number is 11958382206


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